Re-opening date Monday June 15th 2020

We are delighted to announce that, following the recommendation of the Office of the Chief Dental Officer for England, we are able to re-open the surgery on June 15th.

However, we will be limited in the types of treatment we can offer initially – further information is available of on our Dentistry Protocol following Covid-19 Pandemic page. This page explains the way our new diary system will be working, and is related to those items of treatment that are permitted to be performed, the nature and availability of Personnel Protective equipment that is essential before treatment can commence, and the ways in which we have to decontaminate between patients.

For this reason, all previously booked appointments at Wrington Dental Centre will be cancelled forthwith.

Initially we will only be treating those patients who have had problems during the period of closure, and we will contact them directly.

Following this, we will then complete those items of treatment that had been planned, but were not completed due to our closure – we will contact those patients directly as well.

Once this has been completed, we will start to provide routine dental care for all out patients.

To do this, we will have to make radical changes to our diaries, due to our new regulations under which we are compelled to work. Inevitably there will be a period of transition. We apologise for the fact that, although open again, routine appointments will not be available to be made for some weeks. Once we are able to provide our full level of treatments, we will then contact patients to start up routine examinations, etc.

Please be patient, as this may take quite a few weeks to sort out. It will be necessary for those of you who are used to coming every 3 months, 6 months or so to accept that we will not be able to see you all as regularly as we did initially, but that once the backlog of treatments have been completed, and our new regime of work fully established, we will endeavour to attain that regularity that you are used to. We do apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Due to the ever-changing nature of this Pandemic, and the fact that recommendations, regulations and protocols for easing lockdown are changing daily, sometimes hourly, it has not been sensible to write to every patient personally, particularly as by the time the letter is received, the facts have almost certainly changed. We will endeavour to email everyone of our patients, for whom we have a current email address, and recommend that you keep checking this website, which has been updated regularly throughout, sometimes on a daily basis. Please inform others who may not have an email address that information can be obtained from this website.