Children's - Independent Price List

From  December 2020

Children under 3 Years of age
All examinations and treatment to be provided Free of Charge.
Children from 3-10 years of age
Examinations £18.00
Fillings on baby teeth £29.00
Filling on Permanent teeth (White) £48.00 - £71.00
Pulpotomy from £34.20
Extractions £55.00
Emergency visits £18.00
Scaling, Polishing with Oral Hygiene Instruction £27.00
X-Rays £7.20
Clear Gumshield £75.00
Coloured Gumshield £90.00
Children from 11-15 years of age
Examination £25.00
Fillings on retained baby teeth £54.00
Extractions £70.00
Emergency visits £25.00
Scaling, Polishing and Oral Hygiene Instruction £35.00
X-Rays £ 9.00
Clear Gumshield £75.00
Coloured Gumshield £90.00
Fillings on permanent teeth invovling AGPs
White fillings £66.00 - £120.00
Additional fee for AGP PPE and fallow period £40.00


Patients over 16 years of age will be charged according to our normal price list for adults

Treatment involving laboratory work, e.g. Bridges, Dentures and Crowns will be charged at the full Independent rate. A quote will be given on the rare occasions that these treatments are provided for children.