Adult - Independent Price List

From April 2019 

Initial Examination (New Patient) £57.00
Routine Examination £28.50
Scale & Polish £49.50
Perio Clean / Hygienist Appointment £65.00
X-Ray (Each) £9.50
Amalgam (Silver Type) £98.00
White Fillings (Front Teeth) from £85.00 to £110.00
White Fillings (Back Teeth) from £130.00 to £150.00
Crowns from £525.00
Zirconia Crown £525.00
Extractions £104.00
Root Fillings  
Incisors £265.00
Premolars £305.00
Molars £355.00
Dentures [per denture]  
Acrylic £420.00
Chrome Cobalt £730.00
Clear Gumshield £64.00
Coloured Gumshield £78.50


We are happy to accept cash or credit/debit cards. Payment for treatment is expected on the day that treatment is provided. Payment in advance is acceptable.

Where treatments involve outside agencies, e.g. laboratory fees for crown and denture work, and involve more than one appointment to complete, 50% payment will be required on the first visit in order to cover those agencies fees.

This applies to both the Adult and Children’s Price Lists for treatment.