New Patients 


Due to a sudden increase in demand for our services since the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown and re-opening, we have had to restrict the number of new patients that we are able to treat, in order to accommodate all our existing patients, as well as emergencies.

This has meant that we have set up a waiting list for patients new to our practice, such that we can still accommodate all our existing patients and their requirements, as well as  taking on extra patients. We keep a record of those wishing to join us, their contact details and when they contacted us, and as soon as vacancies arise in our diaries, we will contact those on the list as a priority. There might be times when these patients are contacted at short notice, for instance, if a cancellation arises.

Having had to close our waiting lists to new patients in November 2022 due to such high demand, we are pleased to announce that from April 2023 we are opening our waiting list for new patients again. It is difficult to say when people will actually be seen after this date, as it is dependent upon how much treatment existing patients and those new patients recently  seen require, and on the number on our waitng list who have been able to access dental treatment elsewhere in the meantime. We can assure you that we will make every effort to see those patients awaiting treatment as soon as we possibly can. This website will be updated as soon as we can give you news regarding this matter.

First visit


Priro to the first visit, we will contact you to book this appointment and remind you the day before. Unfortunately we have had a series of new patients who, having made the appointment, and despite having been reminded the day beofre, still have failed to attend, thus wasting our time, and resulting in those keen to be seen having to wait longer.

We are therefore going to request payment for that first visit by phone the day before the appointment, which should ensure that the appointment is kept, and we are not left with wasted surgery time. If extra treatment is provided at that first vist, then charges will be made for that on the day, but the first vist fee will have been already covered.

If patients are not prepared to cover this cost before attending, then the appointment will be offered to the next person on that waiting list.

At the first visit we will take a detailed Medical History for all patients, which will then be updated regularly. If you take any medication on a long-term basis, please bring the details  with you, for example, the packaging of the medication itself, a repeat prescription with the medications listed, or if they are listed on you NHS app on your mobile phone. 

On each future visit, we request that if there are any changes to your medication, or to your general health, that you inform the dentist when you see them, and an updated Medical History form can then be completed.